Babylon.js v5.0 released (early)

Added by Nick Naglich about 2 years ago

So it looks like babylon.js v5 has been secretly released early, before the May 5th announcement.

1) Babylon.js 5.0 is here early!
2) Keep it a secret until May 5th
3) Use it and create a demo/playground
4) Share a social media post with your Babylon.js 5.0 demo/playground on May 5th at 1pm PDT
5) Use the hashtag #BabylonJS5 and tag @babylonjs
6) Remember! Keep it a secret!!!

The new theme for the release is "Space" and developers are being encouraged to create a demo/playground around that. WHICH fits nicely with!!
Josip is already working on migrating to the new engine, and squashing bugs.

What kind of demo/playground should you make?

That’s 100% up to you! Our theme for the release is “Space.” Babylon 5? Get it? :slight_smile: If you’d like to create something Sci-Fi or Space themed, that would fit right in, but certainly isn’t required.

Youtube showcase video (I'm excited for webGPU):