Babylon.js v5.0 released (early)

Added by Nick Naglich 10 months ago

So it looks like babylon.js v5 has been secretly released early, before the May 5th announcement.

1) Babylon.js 5.0 is here early!
2) Keep it a secret until May 5th
3) Use it and create a demo/playground
4) Share a social media post with your Babylon.js 5.0 demo/playground on May 5th at 1pm PDT
5) Use the hashtag #BabylonJS5 and tag @babylonjs
6) Remember! Keep it a secret!!!

The new theme for the release is "Space" and developers are being encouraged to create a demo/playground around that. WHICH fits nicely with!!
Josip is already working on migrating to the new engine, and squashing bugs.

What kind of demo/playground should you make?

That’s 100% up to you! Our theme for the release is “Space.” Babylon 5? Get it? :slight_smile: If you’d like to create something Sci-Fi or Space themed, that would fit right in, but certainly isn’t required.

Youtube showcase video (I'm excited for webGPU):