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01:20 AM General: BOTlibre - Open Source AI Chatbot
Open Source chatbot and artificial intelligence platform for the Metaverse.
Nick Naglich
01:12 AM General: Hyperledger Besu - Ethereum client for Open Source Non-Fungible Tokens
Hyperledger Besu is an Ethereum client designed to be enterprise-friendly for both public and private permissioned ne... Nick Naglich
01:01 AM General: Ready Player Me Cross-game Avatar Platform
Ready Player Me allows users to make their own avatars free of charge, under CC non-commercial license.
Nick Naglich
12:48 AM General: Quest 2 Standalone unable to load Ready Player Me avatar in VR
I tried using my Quest 2 on and created an avatar through the 2D web interface, but it might be too much ... Nick Naglich
12:46 AM General: RE: Dev diary: custom avatars, chatbots, NFTs, babylon upgrade... v 0.4.6
Awesome updates!
Ready Player Me avatars have come a long way since I last tried it! They used to just be legless...
Nick Naglich


04:29 PM General: Babylon.js v5.0 released (early)
So it looks like babylon.js v5 has been secretly released early, before the May 5th announcement.
Nick Naglich


08:33 PM Bug #109: DBTest failures in docker
Looks good. I pulled the new code from github and made an image that doesn't give any errors when compiling. Nick Naglich


07:02 PM General: RE: How do i switch to VR Control?
I've only tried it stand alone on the Quest 2, so not exactly sure which browsers support webxr out of the box.
Can ...
Nick Naglich
06:50 PM General: RE: How do i switch to VR Control?
Are you running HTTPS?
It kind of sounds like this issue:
What VR headset ...
Nick Naglich
01:34 AM General: RE: Step by Step guide for creating and running a Docker image of VRSpace
No toes stepped on here. You're image looks good.
I broke it up so other developers can get a feel for docker and ...
Nick Naglich

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