0.4.7 and other news

Added by Josip Almasi 26 days ago

So 0.4.7 is out, with functional Oauth2 and hashed user names.
Meaning, you can log in to the server using either github, google or facebook, build your worlds with world editor (that requires sketchfab login), and it's not going to be deleted once you disconnect.
Oauth2 is means to outsource authentication to external authorities that users trust, so that vrspace server doesn't keep any user data.
Yet all authentication providers seem to have exactly one thing in common - first and last name of the user is about the only thing they all provide out-of-the-box. So we hash it, and remember user like authority:hash. Meaning if you log in with facebook initially, you won't be able to log in with github next time with the same username.

For the next iteration, focused is on characters and chatbots.
I've met Vander on Babylon.js forum, and he started working on characters that upgrade to babylon 5 broke. Welcome Vander!
Babylon 5 was quite a surprise, and not all the good one. Rather unstable actually, and is already in iteration 5.9.0. Most important for us is that breaking change in character skeletons.
BotLibre is an open source chatbot software and service. Quite complex for installation and maintenance, but online service provides 500 exchanges with a bot daily for free. And that's enough to get developers kick-started.
PoC BrainBot is in Aladin space for a while now, and it's going to get better :)

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RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Nate Lager 8 days ago

Nice! Now to see if I can easily rebuild that container I made and published.... ;)

RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Nate Lager 8 days ago

It built! And works! Seems like its looking for a config in /config now though.. is that expected? I used to map into /config/ (and then call that as the config on the command line) so users could map that in as a volume, that doesn't work now, I'll need to work that out.

Also, i notice now that you fixed the dbtest error! YAY! Thanks for that.

RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Josip Almasi 8 days ago

Hey Nate.

Expected behavior is to use whatever config file you specified with --spring.config.location=yourfile switch.
Is this the only argument you use for the startup?

A glance at - that's the one right?
RUN cp /app/vrspace/server/src/main/resources/ /config
looks incompatible with

BTW been a while, and I don't think I've ever come back to you with the info. IIRC the way you set up image we end up with both java 8 and 11, 8 being the default.

RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Nate Lager 7 days ago

Ha! i guess you’re right. oversight on my part. i’ll have to have a closer look.

i had it using /config/ and for some reason that wasn’t working in my tests after 0.4.7. so i changed to / Which js why there’s a path mismatch there. I overlooked the copy. See what happens when you rush?

I’ll look into the java thing. it shouldn’t be installing both. but i was doing a lot of back and forth testing because of java incompatibilities when i built it. i may have left something in there.

RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Nate Lager 7 days ago

Ok, fixed up the Dockerfile, and its rebuilding now. SHOULD fix the config issue I caused for myself.

As for the multiple versions of java, I'm not installing both, but java8 may be coming in as a dependency for maven. I'm going to have a closer look at that, but I don't know if I can break that dependency unless i build my own maven rpm.

RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Josip Almasi 7 days ago

Ah dependency of maven... well, I don't know a way around it either. I never understood alternatives system either, i.e. I don't know how to make java 11 default one, but I think that should do the trick. It's handy I think to be able to rebuild and/or restart the system within the container.

RE: 0.4.7 and other news - Added by Nate Lager 6 days ago

Ok, is now 0.4.7