ANN: v0.6.2 - private worlds

Added by Josip Almasi about 1 month ago

New features: general UI, and private worlds.
Fixes and improvements: avatar crouch animation, world editor object rotation and scaling

HUD now includes settings buttons straight from the start, that allow you to turn on/off microphone, camera, voice recognition and so on.

Registered users have the ability to create their own private worlds, and invite their friends over.
Login using your Oauth2 provider - github, google or facebook.
In settings, tap world+ button to create your world, and then pick a template.
You get redirected to your own page on, that includes temporary access token. This private page is the same avatar selection page, but with only one portal, that leads into your private world.
Just copy this URL and send to your friends, they will be able to access your world anonymously.
The token expires once you leave your world. Your friends will not be kicked out, but once they get out, they can't get back in.
The world is disposed after the last user leaves the world.