Low FPS in spaceport and paris when on the ground

Added by Nick Naglich about 2 years ago

I'm running snapshot 0.4.5 in a local VM and noticed that worlds "Paris" and "spaceport" are really choppy and not playable. Using the debug panels the FPS are in the 10s when on the ground or around objects. When flying however the FPS will get upto 144 (which is the limit of my screen)

I loaded up to see if it's my build and seems to be just as choppy and unplayable.

Here's a video showing the issue:

My PC specs:
Intel i7-10750H
RTX 3060

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RE: Low FPS in spaceport and paris when on the ground - Added by Josip Almasi about 2 years ago

Collision detection most likely. That's done in javascript, not exactly a speed champion :)
Rendering, on the other hand, is hardware accelerated, performed by graphic card.

Some additional authoring is required, and I made some helpers, see

Obviously it's not done in Paris. It's way to big to be useful, pretty much only purpose of it is demo/test how huge models behave.

Floor in the Spaceport is also not flat. In this case, I used one of these meshes as teleportation target, see :)

Guess that's one of things that game level designers do.
Making teleportation- and collision-friendly floors in Cave took me some two hours IIRC.