Hi! I'm Nate.

Added by Nate Lager about 2 years ago

So, I realized I jumped into things and started my interactions here with a "hey, this things broke, help me!" post. So, i wanted to try to remedy that with a quick intro.

Hi! I'm Nate,
I'm a tech nerd and this metaverse thing got my attention when Mr. Zuck decided to stake his claim. I don't like the idea that a company such as Meta is leading the way in the public eye. So I did a bit of digging on what else is already out there, and I found what look like several closed off walled garden approaches to a cash grab. This is not the metaverse I want to see.

So I started talking about it with co-workers, and friends, and most people just have this "Meh, it'll be whatever it is" opinion. IF this is the future of the web, and it could be, i do not want to see the open and decentralized principles that founded the web further betrayed with a pay for play model.

I'm a little passionate about it.

I work for Red Hat. A technical account manager. Sadly I'm not a programmer, more of an operations guy. I am trying to get more folks fired up about the future of the web, but its not all that easy. Even in a company founded on open principles, getting folks to pay attention can be hard.

I also run a podcast, The Iron Sysadmin podcast. We've had a few discussions there regarding the concept of an open metaverse as well.

What I envision i something like the Minecraft model. Where anyone can run a server, and those servers can link to eachother. Sort of like the www is today, or maybe was... Slowly it feels like the web is getting more and more centralized as well, with cloud providers, and behemoths like amazon and facebook dominating certain aspects.

I found this project after reading and it feels like a great start to the metaverse I envision.

So Hi! I hope I can contribute here, and I hope I can get more eyes on your project, and More folks to help if that's what you need!


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RE: Hi! I'm Nate. - Added by Nick Naglich about 2 years ago

Hey Nate,
Welcome and no worries, there's a lot to find and fix as this idea is primarily a one man project. Josip has done a great job getting the ball rolling, and outlined a vision that will let admins run their own metaverse.
It's still early days though, and there's no budget... so patience and bug hunting is key.

Looking forward to seeing you on the forum and maybe in VRSpace one day!!
-Nick N.

RE: Hi! I'm Nate. - Added by Josip Almasi about 2 years ago

Hey Nate, welcome!

I'd say we're all on the same page about open vs proprietary metaverse.

More folks, of course :)
Re help, I really need a good front end guy. I ran away from entire web business back in 2001 or so, after I've developed 30 web shops or so. Back then about 30% of javascript actually worked, code was much like writing 'portable' C, you know ifdef this ifdef that... and I've managed to successfully avoid it for decades. But hey, ES6 is a great language, and I've come to enjoy it. Still, I'm not familiar with the tooling and processes, like, how do I make and publish a node package? That needs to be done by someone familiar not just with tooling but also with best practices.
I have made maven package and publish the snapshot every now and then but... point being, make vrspace server and client available for back end and front end devs both, out of the box, so they can customize, extend, build upon it.

Other than that, folks make communities. Being introverted hacker I am, I suck at communities :) So we also need some of these, what's the word, communists to manage the community, right? ;)

I loved your podcast, exactly the kind of music I like! But then someone started talking... ;)
Jokes aside, some topics caught my eye right away, like NFT lies and log4j sucks. Virtual spaces and metaverse of course, I browsed quickly, still listening... Minecraft-like, I kinda agree (and yes java does suck, don't get me started) but in my mind it's more like apache httpd.
I'll start thread about it right away.