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Added by Benjamin LIPERE over 1 year ago

Hello everyone.

Comming back for a few news !
I building a local and more permanent kube cluster for my services and tests, including VRspace.

It will be a 10-20To NAS, 1 Master 4Threads 8/16Go RAM, 3 Nodes 4Threads 8Go RAM, and 1 RaPy for the sqlite database.
Nearly same code as that will be suspended by the end of the month probably.
I will probably upgrade it to 6 nodes in the future.

Of course, it will be also a public server.

@Josip Almasi, like I said, I am solving my problem, then full DEV. MODE. (_).

Best Regards.

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RE: VRspace Kube - Benjamin - Added by Josip Almasi over 1 year ago


Would you update wiki once it's ready? Like, how to deploy, is CI/CD there, use, and so on.

I'm working on terrain editor, will push something basic likely tomorrow.